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What padel racket shape to choose?

Racket balance have a major impact on game power and ball control.
Generally, beginners who are not yet sophisticated in gaming technique are advised to opt for a low-balance round-shaped padel rackets. These padel rackets allow for maximum control of the racket, but will not provide high impact power. Such rackets allow you to improve your playing technique. These rackets are also chosen by professional players who primarily strive for control and accuracy in their game.
Tear-shaped rackets feature a balanced combination of power and racket control. It also has more power than round-shaped rackets.
Rackets with a high balance point are diamond-shaped and provide high impact power but less control. Great for professional players who have mastered good game technique and experienced players who like offensive play.


What padel racket weight to choose?

Raketės svoris turės didelę įtaką žaidimui. Lengvesnė raketė bus manevringesnė, tačiau sunkesnė leis tikrai smarkiai smūgiuoti.
The weight of the racket have a big impact on the game. A lighter racket is more maneuverable, but heavier allows to hit with more power. To choose your racket more effectively, it is important to pay attention to its weight. There is no ideal weight because it depends on many factors specific to each racket as well as each player. The shape of the racket, as mentioned above, has enough effect on the feeling of weight, the diamond-shaped racket will always feel heavier than the round-shaped racket due to the different balance. The physical shape of each player will also affect whether you feel comfortable playing with more or less weight. Typically, women play rackets that weigh from 340 to 360 gr., and men - from 360 to 390 gr.


What balls to choose for padel game?

It is recommended to play padel with the padel balls. Padel balls are lighter / smaller and has less pressure compared to tennis balls. Tennis balls are not suitable for playing with a padel racket.


How to take care of racket frame and handle protection?

Siekiant apsaugoti rakečių rėmus, daugelis rakečių modelių jau yra su rėmo apsauga, kuri yra keičiama, kad Jūsų raketė tarnautų kuo ilgiau. Jeigu gamintojo komplekte jos nėra – rekomenduojame papildomai įsigyti.
The racket handle is wrapped in rubber grip. The grip is changed to keep the racket handle clean, hygienic and comfortable.